Philip Ingram MBE chats with Dr Sanjeev Mehta CEO-Sush Talent about finding the right talent.


Season 2 Episode 3 touching on the difficult area of getting people with the right technical skills for the security industry.  Who better to chat to than a specialist recruiter and expert in getting people with the right technical skills, Dr Sanjeev Mehta who is the CEO-Sush Talent.  Dr Mehta will be participating in a panel discussion at The Security Event at the NEC which is on from 28-30 April 2020.

by | Sep 3, 2019


Previous Guests

Jerry Akubo – CEO TAC Africa

Vasco Amador – CEO of Global Intelligence Insight

Justin Burtenshaw – Head of Gatwick Police

Darren Stanton – The Human Lie Detector


Martin Cronin – CEO Patriot One

Nicole Eagan, Chief Executive Officer, Darktrace

Mr Adam Welsh, Head of Asia Pacific Public Policy and Mr Romeo Durscher, Director of Public Safety Integration

Barrie Millett – Wesleyan Society

Tom Pressley – Everbridge

Michael O’Connell – NEC Corporation

Mick O'Connell - NEC

Anita Hazenberg – Interpol

Anita Hazenberg - Interpol

Peter Jones – CEO Nineteen Group

Zak Doffman – CEO of Digital Barriers and Forbes contributer.

John Currie – Head of Security, Lewisham & Greenwich NHS Trust

Hugo Rosemont – Director Security and Resilience with ADS

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