Philip Ingram MBE chats with Ian Thornton Trupm and discusses COVID, Cyber threat, technology and sorting the world out

Episode 7 of this seasons WithIngram PODCAST series sees Philip Ingram MBE talking to Ian Thornton-Trump the CISO with CJAX Ltd. We talk COVID, Cyber threat, technology and sorting the world out.

Ian Thornton-Trump, CD, is an ITIL certified IT professional with 25 years of experience in IT security and information technology.

From 1989 to 1992, Ian served with the Canadian Forces (CF), Military Intelligence Branch; in 2002, he joined the CF Military Police Reserves and retired as a Public Affairs Officer in 2013. After a year with the RCMP as a Criminal Intelligence Analyst, Ian worked as a cyber security analyst/consultant for multi-national insurance, banking and regional health care. His most memorable role was being a project manager, specializing in cyber security for the Canadian Museum of Human Rights. Today, as Chief Information Security Officer for Cyjax, Ian has deep experience with the threats facing small, medium and enterprise businesses.

His research and experience have made him a sought-after cyber security consultant specializing in cyber threat intelligence programs for small, medium and enterprise organizations. In his spare time, he teaches cyber security and IT business courses for CompTIA as part of their global faculty and is the lead architect for Cyber Titan, Canada’s efforts to develop the next generation of cyber professionals.

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